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Spool Performance

Mercedes M157 E63/CLS63 and M278 CLS550/E550 upgraded inlet pipes

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The inlet pipes on the M157 E63/ CLS63 and M278 E550/ CLS550 are made of a fabric wound onto a plastic coilspring. Over the years, the fabric adhesion deteriorates and causes the entire part to crumble and fall apart. This prevents proper cold air circulation into the intake tract and also ruins a clean look in the engine bay. Spool Performance now offers upgraded Silicone inlet pipes to solve this issue. They are made from high quality 5 ply silicone and guaranteed to last the life of the car maintaining proper air intake and a clean engine bay. Order yours today!

Vehicle Compatibility:

M278 E550

M278 CLS550

M157 E63

M157 CLS63