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Spool Performance

Spool FXX B58 FX-150

Spool FXX B58 FX-150

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The assembly is completely plug and play and is a drop-in replacement for the stock pump. Does not work for b58TU Engine

The product is covered by the Spool Performance Lifetime Warranty program.

The stock B58 Pump has a flow rate of - 0.954 cc Per rev While the FX-150 is getting - 1.43 cc per rev, flow rates are based on a b58 stock Cam lift.

This fuel pump is compatible with the following models:

1.F30-F31-F32-F34-F35 (2016-2019) 340i-440i

2.F22-F23-F25 (2016-2019)M240i

3.G30-G31 (10/2016-12/2019)540i

4.G11-G12 (2016-2019)740i

5.G01-G02 (2018-2019)X4 M40i- X3 M40i




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