How to get 500HP out of your Stock Turbo B58

How to get 500HP out of your Stock Turbo B58

Modifying your vehicle can seem like a huge task that leads to unreliability and stress, but you may be shocked as to how simple it can really be. In today’s world of aftermarket modifications, things have gotten so simple that you can just connect your phone to your vehicle and “download” horsepower. Here at Island Racewerks we specialize in modifications, and we are going to show you the easiest way to make 500hp out of your B58 without a turbo swap.

It may seem crazy to match the power of the current M3 on your stock turbo but rest assured that the B58 is no slouch. The motor comes with a very conservative tune from the factory and all it needs is a bit of work to get it flying. The parts that we list below can be found on our website and we will leave links for everything you need.


To start you want to be able to make the power out of your motor. We highly recommend ensuring the reliability stays the same so we will be adding some extra mods to make sure your car doesn’t break down and leave you stranded.

  • Charge pipe
    • Make sure you don’t burst the OEM one with an upgraded aluminum charge pipe from FTP, Apex Built, CTS Turbo, MAD-US. When you start running higher boost you run the risk of breaking your charge pipe which is meant to handle stock boost levels.
  • Inlet
    • All more air to flow to your turbo increasing not only the power but also the responsiveness. We recommend CTS Turbo or Dynamic Autowerx
  • Downpipe
    • Allow that turbo to breathe! Open up your exhaust to let it push more out and give your car a nice deep growl. We have lots of options available on our site, like: MAD-US, CTS Turbo, ARM, ApexBuilt, Dynamic Autowerx.
  • Intake
    • Take in more air to the turbo and add some nice turbo sounds. The power gains wont be as significant as some of the other mods but its a worth while upgrade. We offer: MAD-US, CTS Turbo.
  • Flash Tune (MHD/BootMod3/Ecutek)
    • This is where the magic happens. Remapping your vehicles ECU software will make the engine raise the boost levels and timing to make more power!
  • HPFP (B58TU/Stage 1)
    • We highly recommend upgrading your High-Pressure Fuel System to let the engine take in more fuel. The more fuel your vehicle can take in PLUS more air, you get more power. Eventually you may need to upgrade your spark plugs to match the higher timing of the engine. B58TU Pump, Dorch Stage 1, Spool FX-150
  • Ethanol
    • It’s the race juice! You can find ethanol at some gas stations. Ethanol allows your vehicle to go to higher timing without overheating, your MPG might go down a lot but your power will go up even more. You can click this link to find ethanol near you.

Putting the Power Down - It’s important to understand, just making the power isn’t enough to win the race. Your vehicle still must be able to put that power down to the road.

  • Tires
    • You need the right rubber to handle the power and still accommodate what you are using the vehicle for. We personally run either Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3+ or Firestone Firehawk INDY500 on your vehicles for daily use. The N55 shop car does have Hoosier DR2’s in the rear to help with launching on boost.
  • Suspension
    • Don’t get caught lacking when your vehicle doesn’t squat and then spins. We recommend starting with H&R springs and if the ride is too harsh, try out struts or full coilover kits. H&R Springs
  • Diff Brace
    • This is a big one for if you like to launch your vehicle. Don’t let a hard launch break anything and leave you stranded.
  • Wheels
    • We cannot stress enough how much a lighter and smaller set of wheels can change your vehicle’s driving feel and acceleration. Every pound lost on rotating parts equal to four pounds taken off the vehicle as rotating mass affects your vehicle more than anything on the chassis. Smaller wheels will mess with your vehicles gearing and help you accelerate faster.

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