About Us

Welcome to Island Racewerks! We are a small team of like-minded individuals that want to help you in your car modification journey. What started as an idea in 2017 blossomed into what is now the Midwest's biggest European parts dealer. All of our growth has been thanks to our customers, and we couldn't be more appreciative. In return, we work to expand and create content that will help the car community! With connections across the United States, we have expertise and experience that's difficult to match in the Midwestern market.

We also have one of the fastest stock motor N55's in the country, and will be working for the world records! The parts you see on our site, are the ones we would use our selves. We pride ourselves in quality and our dedication to our community.

Meet The Team and What we Drive

David Gore CEO

With a passion for race cars, David drives our shop F30 335i and the shop GR Corolla. We use these two vehicles for our product R&D.

David, being the CEO of IR, ensures the company stays afloat and is managed properly. With his 7 years of customer facing experience and 5 years of mechanical knowledge, IR is a properly lubed machine.

Cameron Ayling CMO

Cameron A. drives a 440i GC because he loves style and speed. We're exploring the B58 platform with this vehicle, and will be designing parts for the market.

As Chief Mechanical Officer, Cameron's job is to make sure all installations, maintenance and repairs are done correctly and in a timely fashion. He graduated from Universal Technical Institute, where he learned to rebuild engines and match his work with OEM quality. With 8+ years in automotive repair and modification, and a background in mechanical engineering, you can trust Cameron to ensure that you're satisfied with the work completed by IR.

Corrin Miller COO

Corrin - being the most sensible team member - loves reliability and longevity. Because of this, she drives a '22 Toyota 4Runner.

As COO, Corrin keeps the team on track and organizes the day-to-day operations. She also helps with administrative duties and managing the books.

Cameron Miller

Cameron M. drives our F30 340i. With tasteful mods and modest speed, it's one of the best daily drivers.

Cameron is an integral part of the team. From managing inventory to customer facing support, Cameron has a hand in all parts of IR.