Sponsorship Application

Thank you for choosing Island Racewerks to be your sponsor for your build! We are a performance focused shop that wants to make sure you vehicle performs how you want it to. We take that dream to the next level and turn it into more than just some achievable. With year of experience and connections to the best in the game, we will ensure your build runs right and fast. 

Please fill out the below form for a chance to become a sponsor:

Thank you for applying for an Island Racewerks sponsorship. We will review your application carefully and get back to you within 7-10 business days. 

By signing up for an Island Racewerks Sponsorship, you agree to:

(Herein "Island Racewerks" will be referred to as "us" & "we")
  • Advertise all products received from us
  • Source parts from us if available
  • Keep confidential information private, this may include discount rates we offer, prices offered, labor rates, etc.
  • Work with us to build your vehicle and not a competitor
  • Any parts purchased or received must be used for your vehicle(s) only.
  • In exchange for proper advertising, we will offer you the best pricing we can as well as priority in new product testing and purchasing.
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