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Arc Terminator - Silent Fan EKP PNP Cooler Kit || E82

Arc Terminator - Silent Fan EKP PNP Cooler Kit || E82

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EKP Model

*The 60mm fan WILL NOT fit behind the factory seat bolstering. This kit is intended for people that have no rear seats and would like a near-silent fan option.

The full plug-and-play EKPM3 / EKPM2 cooler kit is designed specifically for E82 BMWs using an EKPM3 or EKPM2 fuel pump control module. This is recommended for anyone using a low-pressure fuel pump that is larger than the OEM fuel pump.

Please note that if you have an HW06 + (Slim EKPM3), you must choose the HW06 option, as the pre-HW06 housings will not fit.

Installation Tips:

We recommend using Fuse #8 (2007+ E82), the cigarette lighter fuse to power this. It is a 20 amp fuse, which you will just need to pull out and put into the empty slot of the fuse holder that comes with the kit. Then you'll need to put that fuse holder into the now empty #8 fuse slot. This ensures that the fan will only turn on when the ignition in the car is turned on. You'll also need trim removal tools, as well as a 10mm socket in order to remove and re-install the EKP module. We recommend using the stock grounding point that's above the EKP module or the EKP module's mounting points as the ground. The ring terminal with the kit will fit either location. The whole installation should take you between 30 - 45 minutes.

The cooler housing is designed to fit over the EKP module just like the OEM housing and fits with plenty of room in the stock EKP location. The housing is 3D printed using durable PLA+ or PETG, depending on the color choice. The full kit is printed and assembled in the U.S.A. by Arc Terminator LLC.

Full Kit Contents:

1x PNP EKPM3 / EKPM2 Cooler Housing With a Genuine 60mm Noctua Fan

1x 14x14x6mm Heatsink With Thermal Tape

1x 14x9x5mm Heatsink With Thermal Tape

1x 9x9x5mm Heatsink With Thermal Tape (EKPM3 Kit)

2x 9x9x5mm Heatsink With Thermal Tape (EKPM2 Kit)

8x 4" Zip Ties

1x Alcohol Wipe

1x 2 Amp Mini Blade Fuse

Why this kit exists:

The EKPM3 and EKPM2 have been shown to overheat and cause vehicle shutdown issues when larger fuel pumps that draw more current than OEM are used. This shutdown comes from critical components on the EKPM3 and EKPM2 overheating when larger current draws are coming from the fuel pump. The PNP kit comes with heatsinks for the most heat-sensitive and heat-producing components in the EKPM3 / EKPM2 to further increase cooling effectiveness. When paired with a silent Noctua fan that directs a large amount of airflow through the cooler housing, the EKPM3 / EKPM2 stays significantly cooler, which prolongs the life of the module. We also recommend anyone using a larger fuel pump than OEM properly code their EKP module with Pro-Tool's built-in "Voltage Fix" feature. More information about this is in the FAQ section below.


Q: The EKPM2 has large electrolytic capacitors in the middle, will they block all the airflow?

A: The Noctua fan has plenty of power to effectively cool the main heat-producing MOSFET transistors and is positioned for the most effective airflow.

Q: This is 3D Printed, will it be durable enough to be in my car?

A: Yes, absolutely! Our housings are made from very durable Carbon Fiber PETG and are designed to protect the EKP module from accidental impacts that may occur.

Q: How do I perform a "Voltage Fix" using Pro-Tool? (EKPM3 Only)

A: Check out this helpful guide from Skrillah416 on the Spool Street Forums:

Other Information:

Depending on heatsink availability, you may receive heatsinks that look different than what is pictured. However, we have tested both variants of heatsinks and have not noticed any measurable difference in heat dissipation from either style. 

Please note that the actual EKPM3 or EKPM2 Fuel Pump Control Module is NOT included with this kit and is only shown for fitment.

This product is not DOT approved and is not intended to be installed in a vehicle for street use and may void your vehicle's warranty.

This product does not guarantee that your EKP fuel pump control module will not fail over time nor will this product fix any existing errors you may have with your vehicle.

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