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ARM Chargepipe J-Pipe || S55

ARM Chargepipe J-Pipe || S55

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Complete your S55 upgraded charge piping with the ARM S55 J Pipe!  This J Pipe is the final piece of piping on the S55 before the charge air enters the intake manifold.  BMW constructed the OEM J Pipe of plastic which is prone to cracking an detaching from the throttle body under boost.
The ARM S55 J Pipe is constructed of T6061 aluminum for a durable replacement that will hold up to even the most demanding builds.  

The ARM S55 J Pipe is designed to lock onto the stock throttle body using a CNC machined connector.  This connector incorporates a locking C-clip design which replaces BMW's one-time use plastic strip to create a secure connection to the throttle body.

Included with the ARM S55 J Pipe are two pre-plugged 1/8 NPT fittings which allows for post-intercooler methanol or nitrous injection.  This is the preferred location of injection for many S55 tuners.  J-Pipes with only one methanol port are not able to supply a sufficient amount of methanol for advancing the timing enough to make any substantial power increases.  

For reinstalling your S55 vacuum line, the ARM J Pipe has a precisely machined vacuum line connection port to prevent any leaks, a common issue on many other S55 J Pipes.  
• ARM S55 J-Pipe
• Intercooler To J-Pipe Silicone Hose
• Throttle Body Retaining C-Clip
• Clamps
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