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ARM Chargepipe || N55 (F-Gen)

ARM Chargepipe || N55 (F-Gen)

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The F30 N55 doesn't fall far from the tree of its older brother the E90 when it comes to charge piping. Like the E90, the F30 charge pipe is made of plastic and is susceptible to breaking at the most inopportune times, leaving you stranded or at the very least driving home in limp mode.

The OEM N55 charge pipe on the F30 is known to crack even on stock boost levels, but it becomes even much more of a risk on tuned cars. To remove this weak point on your F30 N55 we've built a charge pipe to handle the most demanding builds. 
The ARM motorsports F30 335i charge pipe is constructed of mandrel bent T6061 aluminum for smooth transitions and minimal weld points.  The throttle body and intercooler connections are CNC machined to ensure a precise and reliable seal.  These connections ensure that all of the boost your turbo is making reaches the engine. 
The ARM F30 N55 Charge Pipe begins with a 3" diameter at the throttle body, which then reduces to a 2.5" diameter to match up perfectly with either the OEM intercooler, the ARM F#) FMIC, or any other intercooler upgrade that connects to the stock charge pipe.

The ARM F30 N55 Charge Pipe comes with a CNC machined MAP sensor flange for the easy reinstallation of the OEM MAP sensor.  Built into the ARM F30 AWD Charge Pipe are two 1/8" NPT ports for methanol/nitrous hook-up, boost tap, or smoke testing.  
The ARM F30 N55 Charge Pipe comes with a connection for the transmission vent port for AT cars, on MT models this port is capped off with the included cap and clamp. 
• F30 N55 Charge Pipe - Upper Section
• F30 N55 Charge Pipe - Lower Section
• Silicone Coupler
• Meth Port Caps
• Throttle Body O-Ring
• T-Bolt Clamps
• AT Vent Cap (used on MT cars only)
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