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ARM Intake || N55 (F-Gen)

ARM Intake || N55 (F-Gen)

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The ARM N55 Intake increases airflow to your N55 turbo by expanding and streamlining piping from the air filter to the turbo inlet.  The ARM N55 Intake comes complete with our heat shield which creates a strong seal with your hood to separate the hot air around the engine, from the cool air being pulled in by the OEM air snorkel.  The ARM N55 Intake utilizes a dry multimedia inverted filter to clean the air passing into the turbo.

The ARM N55 Intake runner tube measures an oversized 3.5" at the air filter which then reduces slightly to 3.3" to connect to the OEM N55 turbo inlet or any aftermarket turbo inlet.  The intake runner tube also incorporates a mounting bracket which is secured with the included mount to reduce vibrations commonly found with non-secured N55 intake kits. 

The ARM N55 Intake includes a heat shield to maximize the amount of cool air being pulled in by the intake from the OEM intake snorkel.  The OEM intake snorkel directs cool air from outside the engine bay to the inside of the engine bay behind the driver-side headlight where the ARM N55 Intake air filter is positioned. 

The heat shield included in the ARM N55 Intake maximizes the amount of that cool air being drawn in by separating it from the hot air generated by the engine.  The heat shield measures 1.6mm thick and has 3 mounting points that secure it into place.  It also includes thick rubber weather stripping which is used to line the top and sides of the heat shield to prevent the hot air from passing through.

The ARM N55 Intake has a total filter surface area of 186 cubic inches with its inverted filter design.  Making it capable of supporting even the most demanding big-turbo builds.  If you're starting off with a stock turbo, but plan to upgrade your turbo in the future you can rest easy knowing that the ARM N55 Intake can grow with your build!


• ARM N55 Intake Runner Tube
• ARM Multimedia Dry Air Filter
• ARM Heat Shield
• ARM Mounting Hardware

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