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BigBoost EFR Single Turbo Kit || S55

BigBoost EFR Single Turbo Kit || S55

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EFR Turbo

The Latest, Most Unique, and The Best S55 Single Turbo Kit!
Proven technology, guaranteed to fit, race tested.
OEM+ Quality components
What our kit includes:

  • Twin Scroll Manifold with 1.5″ runners for all 6 cylinders
  • BorgWarner EFR (Engineered For Racing) Turbocharger Of Choice (8474, 9174, 9280) 
  • 4-Ply Silicone Hoses
  • Stainless Steel 304 TIG welded Y pipe
  • V Band clamps
  • Coolant Aeroquip Hoses
  • 14mm Banjo Fittings for coolant return and feed lines
  • Charge air cooler
  • 2.5" to 3" Boost Pipe
  • Aluminum 3.5" Turbocharger Inlet
  • Oil feed stainless steel braided AN lines
  • Stainless steel oil feed – Turbo oil drain coupler
  • Oil Drain Aeroquip Hose
  • Smart Seal Stainless steel hose clamps
  • Oetiker Hose Clamps
  • Constant Pressure Hose Clamps
  • EWG Mounting kit (Bracket and linkage)

Why go with BigBoost Turbo Kits?

– We have done intense and harsh in-house testing, measuring individual cylinder EGTs, and back pressure. With our kit you will see 1.11-1.12:1 Back pressure ratios, these are safe and ideal levels of back pressure for the engine to operate smoothly and safely.

- In this case, the EFR is the perfect turbo for those wanting simplicity! No running external boost controllers, wastegate, and vacuum lines! EFR turbos are a great combination of fast spooling turbos due to the Gamma Ti turbine wheel material which makes it lightweight and capable of making good top-end power due to its extended tip compressor wheel design. Especially on the EFR Black Series turbo line the compressor map for these is impressive! 

***These kits are made to order and may take around 4-5 weeks to be shipped***

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