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BigBoost MPR1200 || B58 (2 Port Surpa)

BigBoost MPR1200 || B58 (2 Port Surpa)

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We have redesigned our BigBoost 2 port turbo kit for the A90 2020 Supra! This time featuring a larger turbo, using an external gate only for simplicity and ease of installation! Boost Source location redesigned and a bigger wastegate with a 1.75" outlet pipe. This brings the kit to a whole other level of power and quality! Mandrel Bent Piping, Back Purged welds, and higher quality coolant lines.

NOT A SINGLE CHINESE PART ON THIS KIT! Everything is manufactured and assembled in-house! From casting to machining, welding, bending, etc. This guarantees the best quality on the parts shipped to our customers!

What’s included?

  • BigBoost MPR6967 Turbocharger, Dual ceramic ball bearing CHRA
  • Cast twin-scroll manifold 25% larger than stock runners and area with external wastegate port.
  • Turbosmart 45mm Wastegate 
  • Aviation-grade stainless steel oil feed lines
  • Oil feed and return fittings for turbo
  • Oil feed fittings for engine
  • Boost Pipe
  • Upper Charge Pipe
  • Intake pipe
  • Silicone couplers (Intake, boost, and charge pipe)
  • Turbo coolant inlet and outlet fittings 
  • Compact Head Banjo Bolts
  • Crush Washers
  • VPE V Band Clamp
  • OEM O-ring for Oil Feed
  • Aeroquip Coolant Hose Kit
  • Oetiker Hose Clamps 
  • Stainless steel Worm Hose Clamps

***These kits are usually in stock and can ship within a week or 2 from the order date! However, if you wish to check the lead time do not hesitate to email***

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