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CTS Turbo

CTS Turbo - BOSS 500 V2 || MQB (Golf/GTI/R & A3/S3)

CTS Turbo - BOSS 500 V2 || MQB (Golf/GTI/R & A3/S3)

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Gen2 GTX2867R

CTS Turbo is proud to introduce the world’s first truly bolt-on turbo upgrade for MQB vehicles.
After a long and tedious R&D process, our engineers have finalized this turbo upgrade kit to create a modular package that is capable of producing upwards of 600hp and has the long-term reliability of a genuine Garrett Gen2 GTX turbocharger.

At the heart of our aptly named BOSS (Bolt-On Speed Solution) MQB upgrade kit is a Garrett Gen2 GTX turbocharger, it is installed into a CTS proprietary exhaust housing. The housing is carefully cast and machined to be compatible with any exhaust downpipe and the scroll area was designed to be approximately 0.63AR. This results in a very good boost response and eliminates any possible restriction.

Don’t be fooled by other manufacturers putting a larger turbo into stock housing. It is not beneficial, that is why we made our own!

Custom wastegate solenoid brackets and oil/water lines complete this kit to offer simple installation, simple tuning, and problem-free operation.

Proprietary custom-molded silicon hoses connect the turbo to your turbo outlet pipe and air intake.

Currently, the BOSS turbo upgrade is only compatible with the CTS Turbo intake, however, other intakes could be made to work – unfortunately, we cannot provide guidance for installing other manufacturers’ intakes.
You can use a CTS Turbo or other billet diverter/blow-off valve. Factory DV is compatible but requires a harness extension. Only OEM or CTS turbo outlet pipe is compatible at this time.

Product contents:
– Genuine Garrett GTX Gen2 turbocharger
– CTS Turbo exhaust housing
– CTS Turbo wastegate bracket
– CTS Turbo 4-ply silicon couplers
– CTS Turbo DV/BOV valve adapter
– CTS Turbo oil lines
– CTS Turbo water lines
– Hardware required for installation

 Product features:
– 400hp to 600hp capable (depending on fueling and engine mods)
– Direct bolt-on without any modifications to the car
– Compatible with CTS Turbo intake and DV/BOV
– Compatible with factory or CTS Turbo turbo outlet pipe
– Compatible with any exhaust downpipe
– Tuning available for North American fueling and for upgraded fueling from United Motorsport and Eurodyne

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