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CTS Turbo

CTS Turbo Intake || M276 (W205)

CTS Turbo Intake || M276 (W205)

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CTS Turbo is proud to release the Mercedes-Benz M267 intake for C400/C450/C43 AMG. Our intake kit is a complete replacement for the OEM system.

The design intent was to create the largest, highest-flowing intake on the market.

Without any extra tuning, peak power gains range from 12 to 20HP (fuel and elevation-dependent).

All of the components included in the CTS air intake system work flawlessly together to provide increased horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band and an aggressive race-inspired sound.


  • High-flow reusable air filter
  • 3.5″ smooth air intake pipe
  • Black powder coat for OEM look
  • Two heat shields with rubber seals
  • Great sound and power increase


2016-2021 Mercedes-Benz C400 W205
2016-2021 Mercedes-Benz C450 W205
2016-2021 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG W205

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