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Dynamic Autowerx

Dynamic Autowerx 5" Downpipe || B58 (F2X,F3X,A90)

Dynamic Autowerx 5" Downpipe || B58 (F2X,F3X,A90)

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This is the largest down pipe on the market with a smooth transition from 4.5" to 5" to 4" to the Oem connection of 3.3"

Nearly all the down pipes on the market neck down quickly to 3" right @ the start of the flex joint. The most important section of the exhaust is right after the turbo & why we now have what you see here.


Full Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel flex joint with an inner Stainless liner inside for durability, longevity, fully Tig welded & back purged locally @ our fab shop/welder.

What you'll notice is a much deeper exhaust note, better spool/response. If you ever want a custom exhaust you can simply have the very end of the down pipe (3.3") section swedge up to 3.5" or simply just cut that 3.3" section & you will be left with a 4" Dia section 

Note... We have removed the useless bracket to make the installation much easier. The true mounting bracket is @ the bottom where the downpipe meets the exhaust. The top bracket was intended for packaging when mounting the drivetrain on the uni-body

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