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Dorch Engineering

Dorch Engineering - Lift Kit HPFP Upgrade || N55

Dorch Engineering - Lift Kit HPFP Upgrade || N55

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We are currently low on N55 cores, so any N55LK orders purchased with a core deposit COULD have up to a 2 week lead-time (although 3-5 days is more typical).

We are proud to offer a game-changing product for the N55 community! With this innovative solution we are able to add up to 49% MORE fuel flow on top of either one of our existing N55 HPFP kits. This means higher power capacity than ever before possible with the OEM direct-injection fuel system. We start with Genuine BMW vacuum pump cores and install our Dorch Engineering Cam within the OEM assembly using our proprietary manufacturing tooling and validation equipment. What you end up with is a ton more fuel flow in a very simple and clean package, all while utilizing the safety and sophistication of the stock DME. These are never before seen DI power numbers!


When combining the N55LK with our DS25 HPFP (or DS2), it is important to note that there is a minimum power requirement. This is simply to ensure that your vehicle can easily be tuned and operated like OEM. Going below these thresholds makes your tuner’s job more difficult than it needs to be. With the DS15 HPFP on the other hand (or DS1), there is no minimum power requirement so it would always make sense to use the +49% N55LK in combination with our DS15 (or DS1) HPFP.

Software changes are required to run this upgrade, but we do have preset optimized maps available via Bootmod3 and MHD (coming soon). Simply check the box for the appropriate “Lift Kit” upgrade when flashing.


NOTE: When pushing much beyond the flow capacity of our existing Stage 2 HPFP kit, the N55 is very much limited by the injectors. In order to see the full potential of this upgrade, it is highly recommended to upgrade to the larger S63 EU5 Injectors. These are OEM BMW injectors that flow up to 800whp on full E85.

Kit Contents:

  • Dorch Lifetime Warranty
  • Dorch Vacuum Pump Assembly
  • Dorch HPFP LK Mounting Flange
  • Vacuum Pump Sealing Cap
  • Vacuum Pump Gasket


Kit Fitment:

F87 – M2

F20/21 – 135i, 135xi
F22/23 – 235i, 235xi
F30/31/34 – 335i, 335xi
F32/33/36 – 435i, 435xi
F10/11 – 535i, 535xi *
F25/26 –  X3/X4 35i *
F15/16 – X5/X6 35i

E8X – 135i *
E9X – 335i *
E84 – X1 35i *
E70/71 – X5/X6 35i *

*ONLY 2013+ models with OE Bosch HPFP
KIT NOT COMPATIBLE with 2011-2012 N55 Vehicles

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