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Spool Performance

Spool - Intercooler Kit || M276 (C43)

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The Spool Performance high-performance intercooler was directly developed for the high requirements of the 3.0 Liter V6 bi-turbo engine. Spool performance intercoolers are constructed using a CNC machine to mill out the intercooler from of a solid aluminum block. Our intercoolers combine a 140% larger core than the factory unit, 5% larger end tanks than competitors, and a higher fin density to keep your charge air temps nice and cool. The cores used are designed to have more rows (row width of 5mm vs 6.8 mm) and a higher number of fins per row (fin distance of 2.5mm vs 3.5mm) than competitors. This kit upgrades your charge pipe from a 42 mm pipe to a 53 mm charge pipe. All of this along with oversized welds and beefy construction results in reliable cooling properties with minimal back pressure for years to come. That`s why this kit is also perfect for racing use. An optimal cooling effect of the charged air with a significant increase in performance!

The plug & play installation of the system is simple and easy to perform. The kit comes with CNC mounting brackets, premium stainless steel clamps, and silicone hoses to ensure an easy installation.