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Nexsys Motorsports

N54 Integrated Oil Pressure Sensor Kit

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This kit allows you to replace the oil pressure switch on your BMW N54 engine with an oil pressure sensor that is connected to the DME and integrated into the MHD Tuning app. This allows for configurable oil pressure thresholds & delays, two audible & visual alert types, a configurable RPM limiter when oil pressure is low & data logging in the MHD app. The first alert stage is "Warning", this alert is immediately displayed when oil pressure dips below normal but is still sufficient to protect the engine. The "Warning" alert will display on the vehicles dash and I-drive with an orange oil can. The "Critical" alert stage is activated after oil pressure has dropped further and is no longer sufficient enough to protect the engine. The "Critical" alert will display on the vehicles dash and I-drive with a red oil can. A configurable RPM limiter can be enabled when oil pressure enters the "Critical" alert stage to further protect the engine and draw drivers attention to the dash.

In the past adding an oil pressure sensor to your N54 required over $250 in gauges, t-blocks, adapters, hoses & wires. Often the installation requires feeding wires through the firewall of the vehicle and mounting a standalone gauge. That's all changed now with our plug & play harness. Simply remove the existing oil pressure switch and replace it with the included oil pressure sensor; Plug our harness into the sensor and the DME; Flash your existing tune/map with the MHD app and select the "NXM Oil Pressure Sensor" flash option.

Our plug & play harness is assembled in the USA from premium materials. For the harness we use US made TXL copper wire, PET sleeving and is strain relieved with Raychem SCL heatshrink.

This kit comes with the following:

  • Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Plug & Play Harness
  • License Key for activating the software inside the MHD Tuning app