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Nexsys N55/S55 || B58 Coil Conversion Kit

Nexsys N55/S55 || B58 Coil Conversion Kit

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This kit is for BMW N55 & S55 engines. (PLUG AND PLAY HARNESS)

Pair the conversion with our B58 coils! Click Here

Compared to the stock N55 and S55 ignition coils the B58 coils are capable of producing 2.3x the energy output while providing a longer spark duration than the Precision Raceworks N55 coils. The B58 coils are a coil-on-plug design that removes the need for additional spark plug wires and utilizes the same mounting location as the stock coils providing excellent clearance for top mount turbo setups. To mount the B58 coils onto the N55 & S55 engine we've developed billet aluminum brackets that are Made in the USA. Our N55 & S55 Ignition Coil Kit with coils fitted weighs only 3.0 lbs. That's over 50% less than the Precision Raceworks kit. To make installation easier we've designed plug-and-play connectors that are made of nylon and Made in the USA. This kit comes with new ignition coil boots that are longer than the stock boots. The stock engine cover does fit with this kit.

  • 3 x Made in the USA billet aluminum coil brackets
  • 6 x Ignition coil boots
  • Plug & Play Connector harness made and assembled in the USA (if selected above for purchase)
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