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Precision Raceworks

Precision Raceworks Replacement Coil Power Harness || N55

Precision Raceworks Replacement Coil Power Harness || N55

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The Precision Raceworks BMW N55 REPLACEMENT COIL POWER WIRES are the same wires that come with our famous BMW N55 high-performance ignition kit featuring low-resistance oxygen-free copper. These wires are 100% custom designed from the ground up and Precision Raceworks is the only company in the world to produce injection molded coil connectors specific for harness use.


Coil power wires are sold in packs of 6 so you get all new power wires for each cylinder every time. So replace the one your need and keep the rest for spares or replace all 6. 


All components used meet or exceed OEM requirements and feature seals which are both dust and water-resistant. 

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