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Rennline F3x exactfit magnetic phone mount

Rennline F3x exactfit magnetic phone mount

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We now carry the best phone mount for your F3x chassis BMW! Direct bolt-in design that is stable and sleek.

**Standard magnet is not compatible with MagSafe Phones without the addition of the included steel pad. If applying a steel pad to MagSafe phones, keep in mind this will interfere with the wireless charging. If you would like to keep the wireless charging please see our wireless induction charger**

** Does not fit cars with leather dash option**

In this day and age, everyone has a cell phone; our lives have come to revolve around them. The problem is that there is no great place in our cars to store them. The market is full of flimsy universal mounts, vent mounts, and mounts that clip or stick to areas of your interior that can and will cause damage. Rennline has solved this problem with our ExactFit Magnetic Phone Mounts. These mounts are tailored to your specific model and do not attach to any part of your interior that will cause harm. Most of our mounts are bolt-in units that can be easily installed in minutes. All critical components are manufactured from metal, so they will not crack or break like most plastic units available.

LS = Left of Console (Typically used on RHD applications)

RS = Right of Console (Typically used on LHD applications)

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