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Spool Performance

Spool - HPFP FX-200 || N55

Spool - HPFP FX-200 || N55

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Spool Performance FX-200 High-pressure fuel pump upgrade

What is the FX-200?

The FX-200 is an upgraded high-pressure fuel pump for the F series N55 motor. The pump features a bigger bore size than stock that translates into roughly 80% more flow when compared to stock. The pump is completely E85 compatible and fully plug and play with no cutting or splicing of any kind required. The added flow will let you run much higher ethanol concentrations and also allow fueling for bigger turbos.

Why do you need it?

The stock HPFP on the F series and late E series N55 motor is severely limited in capacity when trying to tune and raise the output of the motor. The FX-200 adds roughly 80% more flow to the equation, raising the fueling limits on the platform and helping you run bigger turbos and/or higher ethanol concentration blends.

Are tune changes required?

The upgraded pump does require calibration changes. It is important to apply these changes prior to starting the car with pump installed to avoid any possible damage and void of warranty. 

Spool Performance can provide calibration details to your existing tuner and/or help you connect with established tuners who are experienced with these pumps. Custom tuning is required to get maximum output out of the upgraded pump setup for your specific vehicle setup and ambient conditions. Spool Performance is a hardware manufacturer and does not provide custom tunes, but can assist with questions your tuner may have.

Low Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade:

Proper low pressure fueling is extremely important for proper functioning and durability of the high pressure pumps and injectors in a DI system. Inadequate low pressure fueling can cause damage to the pump piston and bore as they are lubricated by controlled leakage of fuel. Resulting damage from low pressure starvation is detectable and would be cause for voided warranties. Please make sure you plan out your fuel system build with proper low pressure upgrades when necessary.

This pump assembly is compatible with the following F series vehicles with N55 engines:

1' F20 (07/2010 — 06/2016)

1' F21 (07/2010 —  06/2016)

2' F22 (10/2012 — 06/2016)

2' F87 M2 (11/2014 — 06/2017)

2' F87 M2 LCI (09/2016 — 04/2017)

2' F23 (03/2014 — 06/2016)

3' F30 (02/2011 — 07/2017)

3' F31 (07/2011 — 06/2016)

3' F34 GT (07/2012 — 06/2016)

4' F32 (11/2012 — 01/2017)

4' F33 (03/2013 — 02/2017)

4' F36 Gran Coupé (07/2013 — 12/2016)

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