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Spool Performance

Spool Performance Handheld Ethanol Analyzer

Spool Performance Handheld Ethanol Analyzer

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The new patent-pending Spool Performance Handheld Ethanol Analyzer lets you test the ethanol content at the pump with minimal effort instantaneously. No need for test tubes and no more having to deal with the mess of trying to use the test tube method to estimate ethanol content. 

Pour a tiny amount of fluid into the testing chamber of the analyzer and you will be presented with the ethanol content on our android and iOS mobile apps instantaneously.

Our mobile apps have been updated to include readings from both our in-car wireless analyzer kits and the handheld analyzer. The reading is automatically used in mixing calculations as well so you can be sure to have the perfect ethanol blends with no guesswork involved! 

The device is rechargeable with a micro USB cable that can be connected to any 5v charging outlet including phone charges and in-car USB ports and lasts a few months between charges. 


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