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VTT Billet Motor Mounts || N54/N55/S55/N20/B58

VTT Billet Motor Mounts || N54/N55/S55/N20/B58

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Here at VTT we have been painfully aware of the relatively poor choices for motor mount upgrades for the N5X platform for quite a while. While there are some options on the market, they are either A. Expensive, B. simply do not fit well, C. Have harsh NVH and road manners, or D. a combo of all of the above. What we decided to do, is do what BMW does for their own factory race cars (Except BMW wants $150 each). That is instead of completely replacing the mount, simply make a billet aluminum insert for them. This leaves the feel of the factory mount in place but stiffens them up quite a bit removing unwanted engine movement without rattling your teeth out or emptying your wallet.

We have made two styles, and using a combo of both they fit the chassis line up across the board – N54, N55, and S55, N20, and most B58 engines!

We found on the N54 after installation with the stock idle level you will feel an increase of NVH at idle which goes way when driving, but a simple idle increase to 800-900RPM with MHD gets rid of this for a near-stock feel at idle. Shifts are incredibly crisp with no engine movement, and you get more of a sense of a planted feel.

Install is simple, remove your mounts, install these using either a rubber mallet or soft blow hammer, or light press, and reinstall your mounts. We also offer Ready to install mount kits for even less work, and if your stock mounts are in need of replacement. These include Inserts pre-installed into a set of Aftermarket N54 mounts and preinstalled into a set of OEM mounts.

PLEASE NOTE: Some sub-models such as N54 535XI, and N55 535xdrive use a different mount and these will not fit. We have found they fit most models, but there are exceptions.

Pricing is as follows:

  • N54, E/F N55, N20, B58 Both Billet inserts
  • S55 Both Billet inserts
  • N54/ E-Series N55, N20 Both billet insets + New aftermarket mounts 
  • N54 / E-Series N55, N20 Both inserts + New Genuine OEM mounts 
  • F-Series N55/B58 Both inserts + New aftermarket mounts 
  • F-Series N55/B58 Both inserts + New OEM mounts 
  • F8X S55 Both inserts + new OEM mounts 
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