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VTT Crank Seal Guard || N54/N55

VTT Crank Seal Guard || N54/N55

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It is a well-known issue on the BMW N54/N55/S55 platforms that your serpentine belt can fail for various reasons, when this happens you have a high chance of the belt getting sucked behind the front damper, and then being pushed past the crank seal into your oil pan. From there it can get sucked into the oil pick up causing total engine failure, even if you do not lose the engine it is a COSTLY repair to remove the sub-frame and drop the oil pan to remove the belt.

The best way to combat this is to watch for oil leaks and keep up on your maintenance. But even with those preventative measures, pre-mature belt failure can occur. This crank seal guard installs over your front crank seal and will keep the belt from being sucked in if a belt failure does occur. At only $74.00, this is a cheap way to ensure you do not end up having to replace your motor from oil starvation due to an ingested belt.

Our seal is different from those already on market, firstly it is not offensively priced. At $74.00 it’s easy on the budget. Secondly, it is 100% billet, with no welds on the tabs to break, and no cheap bent thin steel pieces. 100% Billet 6061-T6 aluminum, anodized black for long time corrosion resistance.

Crank Seal comes with

  • One VTT Billet N54/55 Crank Seal Guard
  • Two extended 12.9 Grade bolts, and two stainless washers

We highly recommend you install WITH a crank bolt capture at the same time, as you have to remove the damper anyway. Then you will get the benefit of helping eliminate the dreaded spun crank hub and the crank seal issue

If you order the Crank Seal Guard, and CBC together they are $159 for a $20 savings.

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