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VTT OEM Turbo Replacement || N54

VTT OEM Turbo Replacement || N54

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Core Charge
Ceramic Coating

WHP Level supported (with proper fuel, upgrades, and tuning) Stock – 500WHP

We now offer the choice between rebuilt OEM replacements, using N54 cores, or 100% BRAND NEW units! Every part including all housing, wheels and internals are 100% new, not built from cores, if you want new units instead of rebuilt, please select this for an upgrade charge of $300, keep in mind new turbos do not require a core charge, so you do not have to go through the hassle of sending your cores in!

Stock Turbo Replacement Upgrade: We start with a freshly rebuilt stock unit using all OEM spec internals, For the turbine side we remove the stock wastegate arm and flapper valve prone to rattling and boost loss issues and upgrade it with a 100% stainless steel piece to eliminate all of these known problems. These units also come with brand new factory OEM wastegate actuators. These units are superior to and cost less than stock OEM replacement turbochargers.

TD04 upgraded thrust: All VTT turbos come with a performance TD04 upgraded thrust to extend the life of the turbochargers. The stock thrust system has shown to be prone to failure and upgraded thrust parts were created to remedy this. The upgraded thrust option consists of an upgraded thrust bearing and a 30% increase in surface area on all complimenting thrust pieces.

VTT Billet compressor wheel option: Step up with your OEM turbos, and add the amazing Billet VTT Compressor wheel option. These are fully forged billet wheels, utilizing the ultra-efficient 6×6 blade wheel design as well as extended tip technology to increase airflow a solid 20% over the cast 10T wheels. +$200

Price does not include core charge of $200 for all models (New units do not have a core charge). The core charge will be refunded upon receipt of cores in accordance with our core return policy.

(Please specify vehicle model when ordering.) (Price is for both turbos)



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