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VTT Rear Drag Brake Conversion Kit || E9x/E8x

VTT Rear Drag Brake Conversion Kit || E9x/E8x

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Brake Pads || Stainless Steel Lines

VTT is happy to announce its new rear brake conversion kits for the E8X/E9X platforms. We take what already exists on the market, and make it much more complete, and much more performance-oriented while keeping the clearance for those 15” wheels. This kit replaces your rear brake rotors and calipers to fit 15″ wheels. It includes lightweight Wilwood calipers to go from the single-piston factory caliper to race-inspired 4 Piston calipers. While dropping up to a whopping 20 LBS of unsprung weight off the back of your vehicle!

 The kit consists of:

  • 2 Rotors (Plain Or Slotted) Plain are Centric 125 Series, and Slotted are Genuine Stop-Tech rotors
  • 2 Wilwood 4 Piston Calipers (Choose Dyna-lite or Dyna-Pro)
  • 1 set of high-performance Wilwood pads BP10 or BP20. (option to remove the pads, and get your own compound pads)
  • All hardware is required for the swap, including brackets. bolts, and adapter fittings
  • Stainless Steel upgraded rear brakes lines as an option

These kits will bolt directly onto the chassis specified, BUT many different 15” wheels in many different offsets exist, we cannot guarantee this will clear your wheel/tire combo without some clearance. We can 100% say they clear Weld RTS 15×10 as this is what we tested on.

Please note modifications MUST be made to the vehicle to fit this kit. You must remove the rear brake dust shield, and also grind one small casting from the suspension arm.

Conversion weight numbers:

Calipers with pads

  • Factory Rear Caliper 11.5LBS
  • Wilwood Rear calipers Dyna-Pro 4.5LBS
  • Wilwood Rear Calipers Dyna-lite 4.0LBS
  • Savings of 7-7.5 lbs. per side or 14-15LBS total from Factory Rear brakes to Wilwood 15” conversion

Brake Rotors

  • Factory Size Rotor 18.2LBS
  • Slotted 15” conversion rotor 13.5LBS
  • Plain 15” conversion rotor 14.4LBS
  • Savings of 4.7 lbs per side or 9.4 Lbs. total going from a factory rotor to a 15” conversion Slotted Rotor
  • Savings of .9 LBS going cross-drilled 15” conversion over plain

Total savings

  • Factory rear brakes – 56LBS
  • VTT 15″ Plain Rotor Wilwood caliper 37.3-37.8 Lbs. – Savings 18.2-18.7 Lbs.
  • VTT 15” Cross-Drilled/Slotted Rotor Wilwood Caliper – 35-36 Lbs. – Savings 20-21 Lbs.
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