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Wagner Tuning - Intake Manifold with Integrated Intercooler || S58 (G80/G81/G82)

Wagner Tuning - Intake Manifold with Integrated Intercooler || S58 (G80/G81/G82)

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BMW G80/G81 M3
BMW G82 M4

The 3.0 Liter S58 turbo engine of the BMW M-models is equipped with an indirect charge-air cooling circuit. So the cooling of the charged air is realized by a water-cooled intercooler, which is integrated directly into the intake manifold.

The new WAGNERTUNING intake manifold with integrated intercooler has got a special competition core which was specially developed for the high requirements of the S58 engine and offered 50% more external core volume compared to the original intercooler. The calculated ratio between the inner and outer cooling surface generates a maximum heat transfer and at the same time the best possible internal airflow. With the help of CFD simulations, the aluminum Investment cast end tanks were designed for optimal airflow conditions. The result is an excellent cooling property with minimal back pressure. That`s why this kit is also perfect for racing use. An optimal cooling effect of the charged air with a significant increase in performance!

All WAGNERTUNING radiators are equipped with a heat-conductive anti-corrosion coating. The plug & play installation of the system is simple and easy to perform (an installation instruction is included as well).

Advantages of this product:
- significantly better cooling performance (up to 20°C cooler IAT)
- maximum mechanical discharge of the turbocharger
- more power and torque for your engine
- 100% pressure resistance
- 100% Plug and Play (no modifications)
- preprocessed port fuel injection (fuel rail optionally available)
- 1/8 NPT ports for measuring additional parameters
- this intake manifold is suitable for all performance levels
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